Dog Portraits from Photos

Experience the true secret of a happy home with our gorgeous dog portraits that are guaranteed to bring joy to you or someone special.

We create beautiful and detailed pet artworks that capture the essence of your furry friends.

Each brushstroke serves a purpose, from crooked whiskers to gleams in the eyes or wetness on the snout – every little detail breathes life into our artworks.

Let us immortalize your pets through our stunning pet portraits.

Custom Dog Portraits | Art in a Sec
Custom Dog Portraits | Art in a Sec
Custom Dog Portraits | Art in a Sec

Maximize the quality of your dog's portrait by following these expert tips when taking their pictures:

  • Take pictures at your pet's height level
  • Close-up shots work best
  • Try getting your pet to sit or stay seated - this makes sure there is no blur
  • Try to take close-up photos so we can see your pet's unique features
  • Take photos in natural daylight and don't use a flash
  • Make sure the long, floppy ears are in the picture and not out of frame
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