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Dog Portraits from Photos

Marie Kondo, step aside! We've discovered the true secret to a happy home: one that's filled with portraits of your pet. These gorgeous paintings are guaranteed to spark joy in you or whoever you gift one to. All jokes aside, Art in a Sec has made it possible to easily transform any pet photo into a painted picture through the magic of digital art.

We create beautiful artworks of pets down to the smallest detail. Each brushstroke is applied for a specific purpose, whether it's a crooked whisker, a gleam in the eye, or some wetness on the snout. These details are what breathe life into our paintings. Portraits created with Art in a Sec can't be told apart from real paintings made by living artists.

Why Do You Need a Dog's Portrait?

Your dog is totally unique - even when they're next to another dog of the same breed, you'll be able to tell which one is yours. And why? Even if they have the same coloration, the same build, the same fur length, each animal has its own spark. The disposition and character shine through - perhaps through a loving head tilt or the warmth in their eyes.

This is what we aim to capture in our paintings. When you create a dog portrait with Art in a Sec, it will perfectly capture your furry friend's essence and personality. But why would you want a portrait of your dog? I think it's easier to ask: why wouldn't you want a picture of your dog? Dog lovers - you can see your sweet smiling at you while at work if you hang the portrait in your office. Or perhaps you hang them up with family pictures on your gallery wall. After all, a dog is a part of the family.

It's commonplace to have pictures of family members on your wall - and now, it's time for your dog to join them.

A dog painting on a poster or canvas gives a "wow" effect to your decor and leaves warm memories for years to come. What's more, these portraits that are created with Art in a Sec are the perfect gift for another dog owner. Share the love!

How We Create Dog Illustrations

Art in a Sec doesn't draw your dog from scratch. Instead, you upload a photo of your dog, and we'll digitally transform it into an incredible work of art. Each detail is added to the image with virtual brushstrokes, down to the smallest patch of fur. Between our image color correction and attention to detail, we are sure you'll love the artwork. But if there's anything you'd like to tweak, our team of experienced digital artists would be happy to refine the concept. After we've created and printed the artwork, we will carefully pack your order and ship it out. You'll receive it in just within business days.

How to Choose Dog Photos for a Portrait

Follow the tips below when taking your dog's pictures to draw to get the best quality portrait possible:

  • Take pictures at your pet's height level
  • Close-up shots work best
  • Try getting your pet to sit or stay seated - this makes sure there is no blur
  • Try to take close-up photos so we can see your pet's unique features
  • Take photos in natural daylight and don't use a flash
  • Make sure the long, floppy ears are in the picture and not out of frame

Also, make sure that the angle of the photo matches the portrait pattern you have chosen, the color of the coat matches real life, and that you are happy with the images you have uploaded.

Our Benefits

Art in a Sec stands for quality work and offers you only the best value for money. By placing an order here, you get the advantages of:

  • Super easy dog canvas creation - follow three easy steps, and you are done
  • Vast experience in many kinds of artwork
  • Rapid delivery all over the United States
  • Best prices - we make art affordable for anyone
  • Our products are museum-quality

Getting a fully customized portrait of your dog has never been easier! Art in a Sec creates beautiful, highly detailed, photo-based dog portraits and goes out of its way to help you with pricing and styles.

The price of the portrait will depend on the size, and additional services. Make a lovely gift to yourself and your pet by immortalizing their image in a portrait. You can order right now, without leaving your home, and at the most attractive price! Place your order now and get your dog art!

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