Unique Watercolor and Acrylic Pet Portraits

Watercolor and acrylic are very different techniques of painting. However, they both look incredible, standing out against the background of any interior. What style to choose for your pet portrait is up to you. We, on the other hand, can promise unmatched quality and fast shipping throughout the United States.

Custom-Made Watercolor Pet Portraits

Watercolor is water-based paint, but it can also be the name of a painting technique. This technique is known for its transparency and softness. Watercolor takes a special place in art because it can be used for painting, drawing, or decorative purposes, depending on what the artist wants.

Colorful watercolor pet portraits created with our unique technology are fascinating and subtle. Use the elegance and timelessness of watercolor to create a personalized pet portrait.

Realistic Pet Portraits | Art in a Sec

Custom Acrylic Pet Portraits

An acrylic custom pet portrait can sometimes look a little synthetic due to the nature of the paint itself. However, they also look bright, vibrant, and rich. With Art in a Sec you can create lovely acrylic portraits of any pet. Acrylic allows you to convey every sparkle in the eyes of your furry friend, each whisker, and even the sheen of a wet nose. If you want a unique portrait that is guaranteed to attract attention and brighten up your home, acrylic is a great choice!

Realistic Pet Portraits | Art in a Sec

Which Styles of Pet Portraits & Acrylic Paintings Do We Offer

Of course, any portrait should be chosen based on the interior - just like any decor. You would not put a bright red patterned sofa in the middle of a Scandinavian room, would you? It is the same with portraits - find a style that is right for you. At Art in a Sec, you can find portraits in a variety of styles, namely:

  • Abstract portraits - vivid and colorful pictures that depict feelings and emotions you feel when you see your pet;
  • Pop art portraits - art in bright and lively colors that represents the free spirit of your pet;
  • Realistic portraits - your pet is painted as accurately and objectively as possible, with an authentic style;
  • Watercolor and acrylic portraits - a custom pet portrait in watercolor looks gentle and refreshing, and an acrylic portrait is bolder, more of a vibrant option.
Realistic Pet Portraits | Art in a Sec

Custom watercolor pet portraits from a photograph are an excellent gift for the pet owner as well as for yourself. A custom portrait of your favorite cat, dog, bird, or even lizard (yes, there have been those!) will delight the owner every day.

Each piece can be framed in black, white, walnut or on canvas without a frame.

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