About us

Our company

Specializing in creating stunning and personalized artwork, we capture the unique essence of your beloved pets and loved ones. Our team of talented artists, armed with cutting-edge technology, offers both custom pet portraits and captivating portraits guaranteed to leave you amazed.

Our in-house developed tools are unparalleled and make us the first tech company dedicated to custom pet portraits and portraits.

Plus, we offer the unique ability to preview your artwork live, right in your browser - no app needed - in under a minute!

How it works

Curious about our process? We've developed an exceptional AI that paints in real-time, streaming its mesmerizing work as it unfolds. Witness this one-of-a-kind technology in action, defying all expectations.

Say goodbye to the guesswork involved in made-to-order art. Our innovative process eliminates all uncertainties, ensuring your artwork is precisely as you envisioned. And let's not forget the fun factor - using our system is an absolute blast!

Explore endless possibilities by trying as many photos as you like, each transformed into a variety of captivating art styles. With this freedom, you can effortlessly discover the perfect combination that resonates with your vision.

Embrace a seamless process with no more waiting for proofs or receiving something that doesn't align with your preferences. Say goodbye to disappointment and hello to pure satisfaction.

Introducing Art in a Sec, where what you see is exactly what you get. Prepare to be captivated by the results. We guarantee you'll love what you see – that's our promise to you.

Still not convinced? Here's the best part - it's absolutely free to try! Take the leap and witness the magic of Art in a Sec at no cost.
Give it a try.

What do our customers say?

Prepare to be blown away, as our customers often are, by the sheer existence of this remarkable art transformation service. Brace yourself for the awe-inspiring reality of what we can achieve.

In fact, once someone experiences our service and makes a purchase, their likelihood of returning for more stands at an astonishing rate of over 99%. Discover for yourself why our customers can't resist coming back for more.

It's just completely unique to any other offering out there.

Not surprisingly the reviews that we receive are glowing. Take a look.

Our finished product

Beyond the beautiful artworks and unique process, we also take great pride in printing on only top quality canvases.

Think hard-back construction and thick canvas material. You won't find any 1-inch stretcher bar canvases here.

The moment you see one of our finished artworks, you will instantly know everything about it is premium. View our gallery.