How to Choose the Perfect Photo for Your Dog's Portrait

For the best results, we require close-up headshots of your furry friend. Follow this guide to ensure your portrait captures the heart and personality of your dog.

Step 1: Capture a Close-Up

Aim for a close-up shot where your dog's head is prominent and details are clear. Full body shots don't work well with our thick brush strokes, as the painting won't capture the intricacy needed to do your pet justice.

Example of a close-up headshot for a custom dog portrait

Step 2: Focus on Good Lighting

Take photos in a well-lit area or with natural daylight. It helps to illuminate the unique features of your dog, providing a more defined portrait.

Example of good lighting for a custom dog portrait

Step 3: Eye Level Is Ideal

Photograph your dog at eye level to avoid distortion. Ensure their eyes are visible and not covered by shadows or objects.

Example of an eye-level headshot for a custom dog portrait

Additional Tips:

  • Make sure there's no blur. Hold your camera steady or use a tripod if necessary.
  • Avoid using filters or digital alterations as these can affect the portrait's accuracy.
  • If your pet has dark fur, use a background that creates contrast to highlight their features.
  • Check that the photo is in focus, especially around the eyes and nose area.

You're now ready to get started.

Begin by exploring the gallery to find the pet portrait style that best suits your home decor while capturing your pet's personality.