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Different Art Styles For Your Pet Portrait

Pet Portraits, like any art, are created from the artist’s inspiration. But what inspires each artist is different, as is the way that inspiration comes to life on canvas. This article explores the different painting styles you can choose for your pet portrait. The right pet portrait captures the unique personality and beauty of your pet.

Abstract Pet Portraits

The essential aspect of creating abstract pet portraits is to represent pets in their simplest form. The smallest details from your photo will not be apparent in this artistic representation of your pet. Abstract art is oftentimes minimalistic. Shapes are hidden. Lines are removed. What you are left is the very essence of the subject. Great abstraction artist tries to do just that – capture the essence of their subject in as few lines as possible. The fundamental element of Modern decor is a painting or accent decor that stands out to create a focal point. The rest of the decor is simple, minimalistic, and uncluttered. Therefore, you need something that will draw in the eye. The simple shapes of abstract artworks are most often coupled with bold colors. This is not a rule, but a generalization. Placing one of these in a muted room will make it scream for attention. Best art styles to kick your modern decor up a notch are standout artworks such as abstract art, colorful art, and pop art. These unique pieces make for the best gifts because you can’t go wrong with abstract art.

abstract cat portrait
Abstract Cat Portrait
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Acrylic Pet Portraits

The basics of acrylic pet portraits are the focus on the textures coming through in the artwork and the visible large brush strokes. This is a technique that gives the perception of having 3D artwork by emphasizing shadows and lights to create the illusion of depth and texture. The brush stroke method used in acrylic pet portraits makes this style ideal for closeups. For this style, the colors range from black to white, the idea here is to use a limited palette and anchor the canvas with one key element. Acrylic pet portraits and Rustic interior decor go hand in hand. This home décor embraces organic warmth, simple and earthy colors, and nature-inspired textures. This style of art brings out all the other elements in the room. A cohesive match that brings the elements of nature together. Raw wood, stone, and leather, with unexpected touches of a rustic metal tie in rustic décor together.

acrylic pet portrait
acrylic dog portrait
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Pop Art Pet Portraits

Pop art is Inspired by bright colors and comic strips. The name gives it away, Pop pet portraits are meant to pop out and stand out. They are eye-catching, bright and absolutely nothing like any other art style. When you see Pop Art, you immediately know it’s Pop Art. Recurring colors are often yellow and red as you may notice when you browse a gallery of Pop Art artworks. This is a very playful style that allows you to capture your pet’s unique personality in a unique artistic way like never before. You can truly see the essence of your pet beyond a replicable photo. To complement this incredible pet portrait style, Art Deco décor is the perfect pairing. Art Deco is about making a big statement and what better way to make a statement than neon colors. Stylized animals were made for an art deco room decor.

pop art pet portrait
Pop Art cat portrait
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Colorful Pet Portraits

The use of many bold colors without restrictions is what makes colorful pet portraits so one of a kind. You can use as many colors, shapes, patterns, and lines imaginable. This style definitely pushes the boundaries and that is precisely why it is a great match for Bohemian décor. You don't need to worry about using styles that would not necessarily go together in a conventional way. This is a care and fuss-free home. There should be a balance of exotic finds, colors, patterns, textures, vintage, and antique furnishings all intertwined in a marvelous space. This eclectic style also touches on hints of everyday glamour and the wow factor. Simply bold and beautiful.

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Watercolor Pet Portraits

Neutral and muted colors used lightly. This is the gentlest style, it is a great way to bring out the delicate and playful side of a puppy or child. The best suited interior décor for watercolor pet portraits is Scandinavian décor because it is known for its simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. This style was inspired by the Nordic countries. You can spot Scandinavian interior decor because of neutral color palettes. For that reason, watercolor pet portraits fit like a glove. This is also an excellent gift option because it is gentle and refreshing. This is one of the most appreciated pet portrait styles.

Watercolor pet portrait
Watercolor dog portrait
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Realistic Pet Portraits

A realistic depiction of your pets without glamorizing or emphasizing on colors is what realistic pet portraits are all about. This will hardly transform your photo, you get an almost copy-pasted version of your photo in an artwork. People often prefer this style for pet memorials as it has a more serious tone. If you plan on gifting a pet portrait to someone as a pet memorial gift, consider the timing. Some people take longer to grieve than others. Often times, when the loss of a pet is very sudden the grieving process takes longer. If you've ever lost a pet very unexpectedly, you know how difficult it is just to recover from the shock. If this is your case, you should consider if the person you want to gift this to will receive it as a sweet reminder or a swift kick in the gut. Timing is everything sometimes. This style looks best in a Contemporary décor or Scandinavian décor when you're aiming to blend your pet portrait with the room. Keep the colors in your wall art equal in proportion to their presence in the room. If your room has 25% red, 25% black and 50%blue, you aim for to get wall art with the same proportions or as close as possible. Simplicity is key to tie in the artwork with the room. In this type of home décor, the last thing you want to do is have a pet portrait that will stand out or have neon colors, it will clash with the décor in the room.

Realistic pet portrait
Realistic dog portrait
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If you have a pet, your phone undoubtedly has hundreds if not thousands of pictures of them. Now, you can use one of those photos to create a timeless masterpiece in an artistic style that will look stunning in your home. Stylized animals made to order are absolutely the most creative way you can decorate your home. Whether you’re looking to get a dog portrait or an elephant portrait, you can’t go wrong with any of these styles.

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