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Guide for creating pet portraits

Do the styles work on all pets?

Yes, you can create a pet portrait of any animal. If you find a style in the dog portraits section and you wish to apply it to another type of animal it will work just fine.

How to order pet portraits?

Custom pet portraits use a photo as a base subject, and as such you need an account to upload photos. Setting up an account and uploading a photo is a breeze. It takes less than 2 minutes. Once you create your custom canvas from one of your photos, head to the “My Paintings” section. Select the personalized painting you wish to order, pick your desired medium and size, and click “Add to Cart”. When you’re ready to complete your order, click on “Cart” then “Checkout” and fill in the payment form.

Tips for choosing a photo for your custom pet portrait

Before you upload your photo there are certain things you should consider:

The Quality of your image

Your photo should have proper lighting. Too dark of images result in low contrast and diminished details. Blurry and pixelated photos should be avoided unless you're making abstract art.

Subject of your photo

Your pet should take up at least 50% of the photo. Photos of your pet at eye level turn out best.

This dog portrait is just one example of the many custom pet portraits you can create
Find a style, get inspired.

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