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Pet Portrait Trending In May

We have countless art styles for pet portraits yet every month we have one clear favorite. For the month of May “Echo in The Distance” was the style that was ordered and used the most often. We will take a look at some pictures that turn out the best and why some do not. We will also briefly look at different home decors that work best with this style.

"Echo in The Distance"

Create your own pet portrait with this style

This style is gentle yet detailed because it has many brushstrokes. The colors are mild and cool. It is considered a mild style for a more classic pet portrait.

Close ups make for better pet portraits

This style works best with close up pictures. Your pet should be at least 50% of the photo. You don't need to hire a professional photographer to capture a great picture that would be perfect to turn into a pet portrait.

Check out this guide for tips on getting a great picture

When your pet is not the focus of the pet portrait you don't get optimal results. When your pet is not 50% of the artwork, you lose many important details such as in the face and eyes. If your ideal pet portrait is one that is abstract we do have many other styles that have more colors and brush strokes.

Good lighting is essential

Dark or blurry photos that don’t show important details like the face and eyes will undoubtedly yield poor results. Dark photos and overexposed photos create shadows which make it hard to get good details in the paintings. When you have a blurry photo the facial expression and the figure of your pet look distorted and it is hard to get ideal results. This tends to happen when you have very old blurry photos. Sometimes we can work our magic to still create a beautiful work of art but not always.

Photo like these are not good candidates for pet portraits.

Dog Portraits

You can create a spectacular dog portrait with this style while retaining details from your photo. Any dog will look great as long as you have a well-lit photo in which you can see the details of your dog's face. This style is a favorite for a reason, it really brings forward your pet's personality into a work of art. If you're looking for a classic dog painting this is a great style.


Cat and other animals

This style and all our other styles are not exclusive to dogs. They can be used on any pet no matter how big or how small.


Background contrast

It is important that your pet not be the same color as the background. When the background and the pet are the same color it rarely produces a nice artwork.

Home Decor

This style would go well with Scandinavian, modern, and contemporary decor best. A simple trick is to keep the colors in your wall art equal in proportion to their presence in the room. If your room has 25% gray, 25% yellow and 50% purple, ideally you want your pet portrait with the same proportions or as close as possible.

For more help with matching your home decor with your painting take a look at this article

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