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10 Tips To Help You Capture The Perfect Photo of Your Pet

Taking great photos of pets is a skill like anything else. It is learned through practice and through the use and repetition of proper technique. In this article, we will explore all the techniques and guidelines that will help you master pet photography and dog portrait photography in particular.

1. Always use Burst mode

It's nice to have a good camera, but it's not a necessity. It's entirely possible to take great photos of your pets even with the lowest quality cameras. What's more important than the camera is the actual composition of the photo. And to get a good composition, you have to take lots of photos. Go into your camera's settings and enable burst mode. Even the oldest cameras have it. Pets move, look around, and facial expressions change. To take that perfect shot, you have to take lots of them. Take several burst shots from different angles and surely at least one of the resulting photos will be a keeper. If you have pet portrait mode try it out.


2. No flash ever. Only use natural lighting

There are several reasons why flash should be avoided when photographing your pets. The sound of the flash can scare them and ruin the photo. It can become difficult for them to trust you near a camera. And finally, and most importantly, flash more often than not will result in harsh and distorted lighting. When it comes to pet photography, it's all about indirect natural light. Your pet should be near sunlight, but not directly under it. Direct sunlight results in harsh shadows. Soft shadows is what you should be aiming when it comes to pet photography.


3. Be silent

Great photos capture spontaneous moments. They tell stories. Pet photography is no different. You want to capture a pet's natural state, not the bewildered look of a startled pet. Anything that startles your pet needs to be minimized and that starts with your camera. If you camera makes beeping sounds while you're going through the menu. Turn it off. Your camera phone makes a fake shutter sound? Turn it off. As a pet photographer you need to blend in and observe to capture the unique personality traits of a pet.

4. Eye Level

Look around at all the photos of this article. Notice something? They are all at or near eye level with the subject. This works for the same reason that people like to be captured from eye level - it's more visually appealing. Why? it's just a human trait we have. The proportions seem more correct. Ever see a photo of yourself taken from bellow eye level? If not, try it out and you'll understand what I mean.


5. Try and try again

Patience and a pocketful of treats will ensure that you and your pet enjoy the process. At the end of the day the most important thing is that you and your pet have fun. Take as many pictures as possible and you will be sure to have at least one that will be a perfect fit for large wall art for your living room, bedroom or office.


6. Experiment

Take your time to try different poses. Getting on different levels and shooting from different angles will create more creative shots.


7. Focus on the Eyes

When it comes to photography, the expression “Eyes are the window to the soul” rings especially true. Remember that whether you're taking a photo of a person or a your pet, the eyes should be in focus.


8. Capture the personality of your pet

Every pet has a unique personality trait and you should try to display your pets unique character in the photos you take. Their reactions to different situations and different subjects are usually pretty entertaining. Try to show it with the help of photos.

9. Plan the session ahead of time

The secret to all good photos is planning. If you know your pet is sleepier during a certain time of the day it would be best to take advantage of that moment. If your pet is too hyper it will be hard to get a good shot. They will likely come out blurry.


10. Get someone to help you

A helper is always appreciated. If you can have someone to hold a treat out while you snap a shot it can be very helpful. Specially if your subject is still young.

Priceless moments

Now that you have a few tips you’re ready to spend some time with your beloved pet to get a great photo to turn into canvas art print or framed art print. Even if your first photo session doesn't turn out as you expected, it's ok because your companion will be happy to try again another time. You can also look into getting a family portrait with your dog or other pet if you want to skip the learning process of taking pet portraits.

Once you have your perfect photo you can create a custom pet portrait here


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