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Custom Pet Portraits on Canvas Print

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Capture the personality of your pet in an artistic way for a truly unique pet portrait.

Our technology creates custom pet portraits right before your eyes. Simply upload your photo and experiment with different painting styles.

Print your favorite pet portrait on a canvas to add a level of sophistication to your walls with the highest quality canvas pet portrait.

Any pet lover will absolutely love a pet portrait of their best friend. It’s a unique and really eye-catching way to display their love for their pet in their home.

Custom Pet Portraits in Three Simple Steps

It's never been easier to get a completely custom pet portrait! Art in a Sec creates beautiful, highly detailed pet portraits based on one of your photos.

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Step 1: Pick a photo & style

Browse through the gallery page to find an art style that speaks to you. Once you found it, click it to submit your favorite photo of your pet.

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step 2

Step 2: Preview your artwork

Our state-of-the-art AI will create a preview of your artwork in real-time in less than 1 minute. Preview as many artworks as you like.

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step 3

Step 3: Choose a medium

Once you have an artwork you love, order it on poster, canvas, or as a framed canvas and our talented & passionate team of digital artists will finalize your artwork and print it. Most orders are ready to ship in 5-7 business days and sometimes even sooner.

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Any questions you may have

Can I print more than one pet on a poster or canvas?

Absolutely! Our algorithm can detect all the pets in the photo and can create beautiful multiple pet portraits.

Can I use this art style to make a pet portrait of any type of pet?

Yes! You can use this art style to create a pet portrait of any animal regardless of species or breed. We have shipped pet portraits of birds, cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, and even lizards and snakes!

Will there be any watermarks on my printed artwork?

No, all watermarks including the company logo will be removed prior to printing.

How long will it take to complete and send out an order?

Your artwork will be finished & sent out in 5 to 7 business days.

Is the canvas ready to hang?

Yes, hooks are already attached for quick and easy hanging.

Where will my artwork ship from?

Depending on the destination, pet portraits are made and shipped from Colorado USA, Surrey UK, or Sydney Australia.

What makes a good photo?

Ideally you want a photo taken in a well lit area, your pet being the focus of the photo, and to avoid blurry photos unless you want an abstract pet portrait. Take a look at our Quick Guide for more information.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

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