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Canvas Pet Paintings to Brighten Up Any Space

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Imagine your ideal home - warm, cozy, and plenty of room for every family member - including your pet. There might be a fragrant pie baking in the oven and a soft couch and a warm rug waiting in the living room. The walls are decorated with pictures of you, your family, friends - and, of course, pets. This sounds like a beautiful home - but we'd like to make it even cozier and personalized to your tastes. How? With an extraordinary portrait of your pet on canvas!

With Art in a Sec and our unique technology, any style and portrait are possible. Decorate your home with mind-blowing puppy canvas art that will wow guests and show them how much you love your four-legged friend.

A Jaw-Dropping Canvas of Your Pet

If you want to create a unique, colorful, vivid, and memorable pet picture canvas of your most loyal family member, you're in the right place! With Art in a Sec, you will get museum-quality personalized pet canvas at an attractive price.

Every pet canvas created at Art in a Sec is overseen by a team of experienced digital artists so that the piece, down to the last detail, matches your vision. Your masterpieces is ready to ship within 5-7 business, days after approval, all over the USA.

How to Create a Puppy Canvas

With us, creating a personalized pet canvas will be quick and easy. To create the artwork, you only need to perform three simple steps:

Custom Pet Portraits in Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Decide on a style for your pet portrait

Our extensive gallery offers several dozen techniques that you can use when creating your painting. Find the one that fits your decor and mood best and click on it.

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Custom Pet Art From Your Photos

Step 2: Choose a medium and upload your photo

Choose a medium for your masterpiece. It can be a poster, a canvas, or a full-fledged floating framed canvas. Pick a photo of pet, we know you have hundreds of cute pet pics!

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Turn Your Pet Pictures Into Custom Portraits

Step 3: Place your order

Your artwork will be ready to preview within 5 business days. Preview your portrait, request edits, or approve for printing.

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Any questions you may have

Can I order a portrait of more than one pet?


Can I order pet portrait of any type of pet?

Yes! You can order a pet portrait of any animal regardless of species or breed. We have shipped pet portraits of birds, cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, and even lizards and snakes!

Will there be any watermarks on my artwork?

No, all watermarks including the company logo will be absent from your artwork.

How long will it take to complete and send out an order?

Your artwork will be finished & sent out in 5 to 7 business days.

Is the canvas ready to hang?

Yes, hooks are already attached for quick and easy hanging.

Where will my artwork ship from?

Depending on the destination, pet portraits are made and shipped from Colorado USA, Surrey UK, or Sydney Australia.

What makes a good photo?

Ideally you want a photo taken in a well lit area, your pet being the focus of the photo, and to avoid blurry photos unless you want an abstract pet portrait. Take a look at our Quick Guide for more information.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Review our FAQ page or send us an email at


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Start Creating Now!

Your pet's portrait can be printed on many poster, canvases or framed canvas so that it perfectly matches the vibe and decor of your home.

Imagine the joy a portrait of your beloved dog or cat will bring you, looking at you from the wall with devoted and loving eyes. Such a gift will stay with you forever - and even decades from now, you'll look at the portrait and remember the days when your friend was just a little puppy. The memories of these fun times are priceless. So go ahead, get creative!